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Contractor Parking Study Shows 30% of Home Depot Pros Drive Honda Minivans and SUVs

ATLANTA – Following a marked increase in customer complaints, a corporate-ordered contractor parking study showed that 70% of Home Depot Pros do indeed drive Honda minivans and SUVs.

“We found that a majority of our Pro Contractors drive a mix of Honda Odysseys, Pilots, and CR-Vs,” said Dr. Even Campbell, parking study commissioner. “We’re not sure what their shopping habits are, but the presence of so many of these vehicles in our Pro parking areas clearly indicates a shift away from pickup trucks and work vans. In fact, we’ve also observed that a majority of our truck-driving pros seem to prefer to circle around the full Pro parking area before settling on a nearby lot further away from the large door which provides easy access to the building supplies area.”

While the study was inconclusive, researchers postulated that some Pros may prefer the exercise or perhaps easier access to the flat rolling carts which seem to be randomly strewn around the lot.

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