Weather Guard Defender Series Truck Box

Weather Guard is a well-known name when it comes to tool storage. A quick glance in the back of trucks on the road and on jobsites will show that Weather Guard has a fair share of the field. Their reputation for high quality boxes and storage shows too, anyone that I have talked to about Weather Guard seems to be very impressed with their quality and strength. we recently obtained one of their Defender Series Saddle Truck Boxes ($729), and can say that the quality and look is a solid value.

At first glance, the welds looked pretty tough on the edges, bottom, and hinges. My model is a full-size clear aluminum saddle box to fit in the back of my F150. The Defender series by Weather Guard also offers side boxes, cross, boxes, chests, and underbeds. All are available in clear aluminum or black coated aluminum. The saddle boxes also come in compact, low profile, extra wide, and extra deep options.

The box came with a set of two keys zip-tied to the bottom, and a mounting kit that consisted of four bolts, clamps, and washers. The only tools I needed were a ratchet with a 5/16” socket and extension, some grease, and a handy piece of 2 X 4 that I used to ensure the spacing from the rails to the box was correct and to hold the clamps up underneath the box while tightening.

Installation was very straight forward, the box just needed centered across the back and

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