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Another Tool Company Hands Over Marketing to Team of Hot 22-year olds to Capitalize on “That Social Media Stuff”

CHICAGO – In a daring move costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in labor investment, a tool company handed over all of its marketing to a team of hot 22-year old blondes hoping to capitalize on “all that social media stuff”. 

“We know that Instagram is the latest thing, but we know nothing about social media. I mean, we just make and sell tools,” said Han Dedouloff, VP of marketing. “While no one has told us exactly how social media likes translate into tool sales, we’re excited to finally step into the 21st century.”

When asked about the decision-making process, Han replied, “Why should we be the ones to deliver our corporate message when we can have these new girls who have clearly learned far more in their 4 years of college than we have in 30 years of traditional sales and marketing? Our plan is to let them experiment with the future of our company, and we’ll submit ourselves to whatever they tell us is best for our continued success.”

So far, in the first month, the marketing team has given away $450,000 worth of free tools to Instagrammers and has written a press release. The team told Tool Reporter they are very optimistic about the future of the company.

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