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Meet Southwire 2017 New Products & Media Event

For the first time in company history, the folks at Southwire Tool’s & Equipment, invited tool reviewers to visit their corporate headquarters in Carrollton, Georgia. We had the pleasure of meeting the staff, touring the factories, viewing their state-of-the-art training facility, hours of hands on product training and learned they had a high school internship program onsite. It was an... Read More
Southwire Tools & Equipment Wire Strippers Cordless Tools Electrician Tools Hand Tools Southwire Southwire Tools & Equipment wire cutters 

Southwire Tools & Equipment Wire Strippers

Having the right wire stripper device is key when safely preparing a cable for installation. Southwire Tools & Equipment is one of leading manufacturers who offer superior wire stripping products for safer and faster wire prep. They provide a wide range of wire strippers in multiple sizes, also available in kits and new innovative products recently released in the market.... Read More
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Southwire Bluetooth Electric Meters

Standard electric reading multi-meters have been around for many years, but with recent development from Southwire Tools & Equipment, they have introduced new Bluetooth ready meters. Bluetooth ready meters are ideal for taking measurements on voltage, amps and temperatures. It allows users to view meter readings via their smartphone or tablet, can be shared and viewed on multiple devices and keeps individuals away... Read More
Southwire Releases New SIMpull™ Fish Tapes Electrician Tools fishtape SIMplull Southwire wire pulling 

Southwire Releases New SIMpull™ Fish Tapes

Southwire Tools & Equipment continues to demonstrate their leadership position with their recent introduction of SIMpull Fish Tapes. Their new line features a spiral extruded polymer design that reduces the amount of effort to push or pull fish tape through EMT or PVC conduit.  Unlike competitive fiberglass products, the new design provides better flexibility and is kink resistant. SIMpull Fish Tapes are available... Read More
Extension Cords & GFCIs – You May be Using Them Wrong bright color extension cords custom extension cords gfci power cords Safety Equipment Southwire voltec voltec cords 

Extension Cords & GFCIs – You May be Using Them Wrong

We have heard many different questions about extension cords and GFCIs usage so when we had Travis from Safex in to talk about jobsite safety this was one of the first things on our list. We have also spoken with people who have had problems with OSHA because of cord usage so we wanted to see if we could provide... Read More