ProBuilt 4-Foot LED Shop Light Home 

ProBuilt 4-Foot LED Shop Light

Read the full article hereLooking to replace those old fluorescent lights from the workshop? Everyone else is doing it. And, why not? LED lighting provides energy-efficient, cost-effective lighting that lasts darn near forever and installs easily. Plus, LED lights shine brighter, generate less heat, and won’t emit UV/IR light like fluorescents. With all that said, ProBuilt has released a new LED ... Read More
Turkey Day Home 

Turkey Day

Read the full article hereOh tryptophan oh tryptophanI can’t believe how tired I amThe juicy bird was cooked so wellThat many pounds of it within me dwellAnd thus my eyelids drooping downOnly to open at the soundOf offers of cake or pieWhich if I eat … I might just dieBut with that thought, 
I choose to tryFor such an endI’d... Read More
Mark Luedeman: Focusing on Furniture and Playing with Finishes Home 

Mark Luedeman: Focusing on Furniture and Playing with Finishes

Read the full article here According to Mark Luedeman, “In truth, I’ve really only been woodworking, furniture building, for fewer than 10 years.” Prior to that 2010 decision to focus on furniture, however, he did do quite a lot of building: shortly after he started out as a photography assistant in New York City in 1986, Mark’s employers discovered his... Read More
Woodpecker’s Ultra-Shear Woodturning Tools Home 

Woodpecker’s Ultra-Shear Woodturning Tools

Read the full article here Carbide-insert turning tools have experienced huge growth in popularity in recent years, thanks to their short learning curve and no need for sharpening. Now, Woodpeckers is engineering even higher performance into its insert tools to deliver a superior surface finish on wood and other turning materials. The company determined that for advanced cutting performance, you need... Read More
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