Slap a Little Oil On It Home 

Slap a Little Oil On It

I am curious about woodworkers and their finishing habits. One reason is that I get more questions about finishing than any other topic. And yet, when I tell people you should check out this book or watch that DVD to learn how to really do a good job finishing — there is really no interest. (Eye contact is lost, their... Read More
New Dremel… Laser Cutter? Home 

New Dremel… Laser Cutter?

Dremel is coming out with a new laser cutter, called DigiLab. They’re also coming out with a new 3rd-generation 3D printer that has a heated base and new heating element for working with ABS and other filaments their current 3D printer isn’t quite ideal for. The best thing about this new laser cutter is that it’s compatible with all Dremel... Read More
GearWrench Introduces Their New Brand Identity Home 

GearWrench Introduces Their New Brand Identity

 GearWrench, a subsidiary of Apex Tools, Inc., recently announced their new rebranding campaign. The company sees their new identity embodying the brand’s commitment to excellence in manufacturing and innovation. The GearWrench rebranding will affect everything from the logo treatment to the overall aesthetic of their tools and product design. The new Gearwrench logo, “Forge Ahead,” The post GearWrench Introduces Their... Read More
Milwaukee Packout Review Home 

Milwaukee Packout Review

Quality Features Performance Versatility Organization Value Everyone is looking for better ways to store, protect and transport their tools from point A to point B.  Almost all power tool manufacturers have designed and developed products to help tackle this problem.  Some companies have developed tough solutions while others have designed solutions for the organization.  But let’s face, it’s hard to... Read More
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