Cordless Power Tools – Amp x Volts = Watts amp vs watts amps vs amp hours amps x volts Bosch Cordless Tools DeWalt Tools Milwaukee volts vs amps volts vs watts 

Cordless Power Tools – Amp x Volts = Watts

http://www.coptool.com/cordless-power-tools-amp-x-volts-watts/ In recent years there have been a lot of advancements that allow tools to work effectively at various voltages as well as batteries with dramatically higher Amp Hours (Ah). Unfortunately that’s all the tool brands want to talk about in terms of specs on these awesome tool achievements, Volts and Ah but clearly that does not tell the full story.... Read More
Dewalt Tool Connect Expands, TAG & CONNECTOR 20 volt dewalt 20v max dewalt bluetooth batteries Cordless Tools dewalt DeWalt Tools one-key one-key location tracking stole tool tracking tool connect 

Dewalt Tool Connect Expands, TAG & CONNECTOR

http://www.coptool.com/dewalt-tool-connect-expands-tools-tag-connect/ Yesterday we got some teasers on Dewalt’s Plans to Expand Tool Connect, currently very limited to just the Tool Connect Dewalt Batteries (see below) which turn off when they get out of range from the phone running the App and last location. At this point we can only talk to the images provided but Dewalt Tool Connect will expand... Read More
Easy Build Project – Kentucky Stick Chair 18v cordless makita bosch cordless Cordless Tools dewalt DeWalt Tools Easy Build Projects Makita Tools Milwaukee milwaukee m18 miter saw 

Easy Build Project – Kentucky Stick Chair

http://www.coptool.com/easy-build-project-kentucky-stick-chair/ In our recent project, the Cordless Circular Saw Shootout, we had the opportunity to put 3 great circular saws to the test: the Milwaukee 2731-22 ($429), the Makita XSH01X ($419), and the Dewalt DCS575T2 ($355). In this test we wanted to rank the three in power, run-time and several other parameters which naturally involves lots of wood cutting. We built a simple jig to... Read More
Cordless Circular Saws – M18 vs FlexVolt vs Makita 36v makita tools circular saws circular saws comparisons cordless circular saws Cordless Tools dewalt DeWalt Tools Flexvolt fuel m18 m18 battery makita 18V Makita circular saws Makita Tools Milwaukee Milwaukee circular saws Power Tools 

Cordless Circular Saws – M18 vs FlexVolt vs Makita

http://www.coptool.com/cordless-circular-saws-m18-fuel-vs-flexvolt-vs-makita/ The circular saw has been around for many years and offers many unique advantages. They are one of the most powerful handheld tools you can own for cutting, similar power to a small table saw but fits in your hands. Overall, they are easy to use, affordable, portable and practical for so many applications. In the days of NiCd battery technology... Read More
Dewalt FLEXVOLT 60V Chainsaw, Blower & String Trimmer brushless string trimmer chainsaw cordless blower cordless string trimmer Cordless Tools dewalt DeWalt Tools Flexvolt OPE outdoor power Outdoor Power Equipment 

Dewalt FLEXVOLT 60V Chainsaw, Blower & String Trimmer

http://www.coptool.com/dewalt-flexvolt-60v-chainsaw-blower-string-trimmer/ We saw these units briefly at the FLEXVOLT launch event last June, and think it is a smart move for all the power tool brands to expand their offerings to take advantage of their advanced battery platforms. This give the tool brands a big advantage over strictly OPE brands going cordless like Stihl, Oregon, EGO, etc because the batteries are already... Read More
Stanley Black & Decker Buys Craftsman Tools craftsman DeWalt Tools dewalt vs stanley stanley Stanley Black & Decker 

Stanley Black & Decker Buys Craftsman Tools

http://www.coptool.com/stanley-black-decker-buys-craftsman-tools/ It looks like the shopping spree continues for Stanley Black &Decker, after dropping $2 billion on Lenox & Irwin and before the ink is even dry they are dropping another $900 Million on Sear’s Craftsman Tool brand. Sears has continue to struggle so selling off the Craftsman brand frees up some much needed capital, in addition to closing some... Read More