“New DIYer” Tool Kit and Giveaway Buying has Begun Buying Guides 

“New DIYer” Tool Kit and Giveaway Buying has Begun

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A couple of years ago, I created a quick roundup of DIYer and Homeowner tool recommendations, focusing on the most important 12 tools or so.

I’ve been meaning to follow up that post with an update. A long-time friend of mine recently moved into a new house, and I had the idea of creating a starter tool kit for an upcoming editorial review, and then sending it to them as a housewarming gift. She recently had a baby, and so I have some time to plan and buy until they want to start working on things.

As I mentioned recently, we have a paid partnership with Home Depot right now, where they send me a bunch of tools for review consideration every so often. The monetary part involves sponsored projects, since I wanted the reviews to be independent from all that.

The review selection has actually been nice, because some

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