Home Depot Tool Review Roundup (Q2 2017)

As mentioned the other day, I am currently in a paid partnership with Home Depot to review some tools every quarter and do the occasional sponsored project (I’m still working on the DIY tool kit guide and giveaway).

I already posted a couple of reviews. The next batch of tool samples has started to roll in, and so I wanted to wrap things up by sharing some thoughts about the other items that I’ve been working with.

Some of these items might be featured in their own reviews, some of them already have been. Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you want any of the in-progress reviews fast-tracked.

Dewalt ToughSystem Tool Storage

Dewalt Tough System tool storage products? I’ve never seen these before, have you? Just kidding! I own quite a few, and have years of experience with them.

Dewalt somewhat recently came out

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