5 Best New Cordless Tools from 2017 (That We’ve Tested So Far)

We’ve seen a lot of innovative new cordless power tools this year. Some of the new tools are evolutionary – which is okay, and some revolutionary.

Some new tools might invoke immediate “that will really benefit my work!” sentiments, while other releases might only be added to our wishlists.

It’s always hard to sort through which deserve special recognition. Following are some of the best tools that came out this year, among those I have had sufficient hands-on testing with.

There a few other tools that might have made it on this list, but either they’re not available yet, or I haven’t had a chance to vet them yet. My hope is to plan for an expanded end-of-the-year-update. But until then, here are the top tools I’ve been most impressed with so far.

Note: Tools considered for this post were either purchased, provided by brands as test review samples, or

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