Home Depot and LOWE’S team up to sponsor 2020 Boise State Football Season Brands 

Home Depot and LOWE’S Team Up to Sponsor 2020 Boise State Football Season

In a rare moment of harmony, peace, and good-natured ribbing, Home Depot and Lowe’s are teaming up to sponsor the 2020 Boise State football season. “We recognize that our school colors offer a unique opportunity to promote tolerance and understanding between two home improvement giants,” said Boise State University Athletic Director, Curt Apsey. “The idea came from our maintenance crew… Read More
Honda Scraps HRR216 Lawn Mower, Targets Civic Hatchbacks Next Brands 

Honda Scraps HRR216 Lawn Mower, Targets Civic Next

TORRANCE – With the announcement of Honda’s HRN216 lawn mower series replacing their popular HRR series of residential models, Honda executives are now dead set on replacing the equally popular Honda Civic. “With Honda Power Equipment’s introduction of the Honda HRN216 series, the entire line gets a massive upgrade from the ground up. It has a brand new engine, more… Read More
Marvel Revamps Wolverine Character with OLFA Knives Brands 

Marvel Revamps Wolverine Character with OLFA Knives

HOLLYWOOD – A recent sponsorship deal has Marvel revamping the Wolverine character to use OLFA knives instead of indestructible retracting claws in a bid to make the character “more believable and down-to-earth”. Wolverine co-creator, Roy Thomas, said “it was time to reinvent Wolverine to be more…human. Adamantium claws were a great literary element and tool back in the day, but… Read More
Massive Lawsuit Rights Game-Changer Brands 

16 Tool Companies Embroiled in Lawsuit for Rights to Use “Game-Changer”

SAN FRANCISCO – The 9th District Court of Appeals is preparing to hear arguments among 16 power tool manufacturers, each claiming the exclusive rights to use the term “game-changer” in their marketing materials. “As a leader in cutting, sanding, and grinding accessories, our entire company culture is about being game-changing. Accessories that other brands create are just repainted wannabes of… Read More