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Bosch Colonoscopy A55 Borescope

CHICAGO – Marking the North America Tool Manufacturing Division’s first foray into medical products, Bosch released its new A55 12V colonoscopy borescope this week, allowing doctors to work on the undercarriages of their cars and patients with the same tool brand.

“We really felt this was a way Bosch could push into an area never before explored by a traditional cordless tool manufacturer,” cited Ben Dover, product manager. “It’s a tight market with little wriggle room for competition. Bosch prides itself on boldly going where no tool company has gone before. The new Bosch cordless colonoscopy A55 borescope should present a smooth transition for medical professionals looking for a cordless camera solution. The new Bosch A55 scope should illuminate the medical world and has an IP58 rating to protect against debris and long-term immersion.”

There’s no word yet on whether the new tool will be sold through online dealers, big box stores, or simply through darkened alleys in the dead of night.

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