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Rob Johnstone has been part of Woodworker's Journal's since 1997, becoming editor of the print magazine in 1998, editor in chief in 2007 and publisher in 2013. He began woodworking at age 13 in his family-owned cabinet shop and, as an adult, trained to become an accomplished luthier. He eventually opened his own cabinetry and custom fine woodworking business. Rob has brought many of the most well-known authors in woodworking to the Journal's pages and introduced Woodworker's Journal Online Survey. When, in his free time, Rob isn't woodworking, he enjoys hunting for sharp-tailed grouse with his bird dog, playing music and/or listening to his son's rock band and cooking on his high-tech stove.

Slap a Little Oil On It Home 

Slap a Little Oil On It

I am curious about woodworkers and their finishing habits. One reason is that I get more questions about finishing than any other topic. And yet, when I tell people you should check out this book or watch that DVD to learn how to really do a good job finishing — there is really no interest. (Eye contact is lost, their... Read More
Ouch in the Shop Home 

Ouch in the Shop

Here is a topic that is uncomfortable to think about and experience: injuries in the shop. As a person who has been a woodworker for 40 years, I have had my share of accidents, some of which ended up badly. Hit in the face with a 4×4: broken cheekbone. Fingers tangled with a router bit: blood and bandages. The good... Read More
Green with Envy Home 

Green with Envy

Recently, one of my big sisters (I have three) cut down a really large dying birch tree at her cabin (it was almost 20 inches in diameter). Near its base, there was a large burl. Needless to say, this burl is now in my possession, and my goal is to turn a really large bowl from said burl. But here... Read More
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