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Rob Johnstone has been part of Woodworker's Journal's since 1997, becoming editor of the print magazine in 1998, editor in chief in 2007 and publisher in 2013. He began woodworking at age 13 in his family-owned cabinet shop and, as an adult, trained to become an accomplished luthier. He eventually opened his own cabinetry and custom fine woodworking business. Rob has brought many of the most well-known authors in woodworking to the Journal's pages and introduced Woodworker's Journal Online Survey. When, in his free time, Rob isn't woodworking, he enjoys hunting for sharp-tailed grouse with his bird dog, playing music and/or listening to his son's rock band and cooking on his high-tech stove.

Knock on Wood Home 

Knock on Wood

Read the full article hereHave you ever heard the saying, “If the only tool you own is a hammer, all your problems begin to look like nails”? First, let me confess that I not only own several hammers, but a wealth of other tools. But the core of the saying — that you solve your problems with what you know... Read More
Pitchers and Catches? Home 

Pitchers and Catches?

Read the full article hereIn my neck of the woods, the snow is still flying. Which, of course, makes workshops the best place in the world. My own little kingdom: radio station, thermostat setting — and sometimes even the choice of which project to work on next. Which brings me to my next creation. I have never turned a baseball... Read More
Woodworking as Therapy Home 

Woodworking as Therapy

Read the full article hereSome of you may know that I have been a lifelong Minnesota Vikings fan. This relationship has brought both joy and sadness over the years. And it has, of necessity, built character … as regularly recurring soul-crushing events have a tendency to do. Sadly, once again my scrappy over-achieving team has, as the country song says... Read More
Moving Pictures! Home 

Moving Pictures!

Read the full article hereBack in the golden days of publishing, to be a woodworking editor, all you needed was a keyboard, a thesaurus and spell check. Now, we need to be able to talk and look at a video camera as well — to be a movie star. In recent years, video has become an ever more important component... Read More
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