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All is Fair Home 

All is Fair

Read the full article hereLast Saturday, I spent some time at the Carver County Fair near my home. I, of course, partook of the fare of the fair: bratwurst (with sauerkraut) and sweet corn at the Lions’ food stand and a caramel sundae at the Dairy Building. I also got to see some woodworking projects made by young people at... Read More
Wooden Boats Home 

Wooden Boats

Read the full article hereLast night, I had a lovely evening boating on Lake Minnetonka — a large, popular lake west of Minneapolis. The weather couldn’t have been better, and the company was excellent (they mostly laughed at my jokes). But as I enjoyed the evening, I was struck by the large number of classic wooden boats cruising along in... Read More
Wooden Shoes Home 

Wooden Shoes

Read the full article hereAs my friend Ian Kirby has told me, there was a time that we used wood for nearly everything we needed. Buckets, kitchen utensils, wheels, sidewalks — you name it. Now we have materials and manufacturing methods that make wood obsolete for many things. However, that does not stop us woodworkers from using wood to fix... Read More
Leaving Las Vegas Home 

Leaving Las Vegas

Read the full article hereIt was with a bit of relief, but also a touch of sadness, that I flew home from the AWFS show last Friday. As often happens, I head off to the trade show with a feeling of world-weariness, thinking I have so been there and done that, and then find out that I really like woodworking... Read More
Firsts in the Shop Home 

Firsts in the Shop

Read the full article hereRecently, I read a magazine that focused its entire issue on firsts: first people in North America, first person to reach the South Pole, first person to discover DNA … you get the drift. Which got me thinking. Even as a young kid I was building things from wood… tree houses, ramps for bike jumps, a... Read More
Just One Hole … Home 

Just One Hole …

Read the full article here“What’s your next project? Working on anything cool?” are questions that I get on a regular basis. As a person who has a reputation as woodworker with advanced skill levels, I am guessing that many folks think the answer will be “a 17th century highboy replica” … or “a Ruhlmann-inspired sunbed.” And don’t get me wrong,... Read More
Check Us Out! Home 

Check Us Out!

Read the full article hereSometimes a person gets so close to something that it kind of becomes invisible. For that reason I want to briefly call attention to what Woodworker’s Journal has to offer. You all know about the eZine. It is free, it goes out every week (for the most part), and it has new content in all sorts... Read More
PROJECT: Building a Desk Caddy Home 

PROJECT: Building a Desk Caddy

Read the full article here This handy little desk caddy is an old-school idea that serves your high-tech needs. With a space to hold and charge your phone, a spot that will fit a Bluetooth® speaker (or hold paperclips), pen storage, glasses cavity and a covered money “vault,” it will make your desk cleaner and your day more organized. [embedded... Read More
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