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Rob Johnstone has been part of Woodworker's Journal's since 1997, becoming editor of the print magazine in 1998, editor in chief in 2007 and publisher in 2013. He began woodworking at age 13 in his family-owned cabinet shop and, as an adult, trained to become an accomplished luthier. He eventually opened his own cabinetry and custom fine woodworking business. Rob has brought many of the most well-known authors in woodworking to the Journal's pages and introduced Woodworker's Journal Online Survey. When, in his free time, Rob isn't woodworking, he enjoys hunting for sharp-tailed grouse with his bird dog, playing music and/or listening to his son's rock band and cooking on his high-tech stove.

Number 500! Home 

Number 500!

Read the full article hereThank you. Back in February of 2000 … the Paleozoic corollary of Internet ages … an odd little online newsletter was launched. The Woodworker’s Journal eZine started up with high aspirations but with no guarantee of success. And that is where you all came in. Your support not only grew the eZine, but has kept our... Read More
Slap a Little Oil On It Home 

Slap a Little Oil On It

Read the full article hereI am curious about woodworkers and their finishing habits. One reason is that I get more questions about finishing than any other topic. And yet, when I tell people you should check out this book or watch that DVD to learn how to really do a good job finishing — there is really no interest. (Eye... Read More
September at Last! Home 

September at Last!

Read the full article hereFall is my time of year. I like nearly everything about it. Cooler temperatures; in my neck of the woods there are wonderful fall colors; it is harvest time and I really like to eat. I like fall! (Fall is also football season, and as a lifelong Vikings fan, it brings sorrow as well … but... Read More
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