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Rob Johnstone has been part of Woodworker’s Journal’s since 1997, becoming editor of the print magazine in 1998, editor in chief in 2007 and publisher in 2013. He began woodworking at age 13 in his family-owned cabinet shop and, as an adult, trained to become an accomplished luthier. He eventually opened his own cabinetry and custom fine woodworking business. Rob has brought many of the most well-known authors in woodworking to the Journal’s pages and introduced Woodworker’s Journal Online Survey. When, in his free time, Rob isn’t woodworking, he enjoys hunting for sharp-tailed grouse with his bird dog, playing music and/or listening to his son’s rock band and cooking on his high-tech stove.

Facebook Live and Me Home 

Facebook Live and Me

Read the full article hereTomorrow afternoon at 5PM Central Standard Time, I will be doing a Facebook live presentation on the Rockler Woodworking and Hardware Facebook page. The topic of the live presentation is my top picks for holiday gifts for woodworkers. So you may not only want to check it out yourself, it might be a good idea to... Read More
And Off We Go! Home 

And Off We Go!

Read the full article hereFirst of all, I want to thank you for the overwhelming response to my poem last week. All three of you were so kind, that it sort of went to my head. Fortunately, I have friends, family and coworkers to keep me grounded. Now that Thanksgiving is in the rearview mirror, you know what is on... Read More
Turkey Day Home 

Turkey Day

Read the full article hereOh tryptophan oh tryptophanI can’t believe how tired I amThe juicy bird was cooked so wellThat many pounds of it within me dwellAnd thus my eyelids drooping downOnly to open at the soundOf offers of cake or pieWhich if I eat … I might just dieBut with that thought, 
I choose to tryFor such an endI’d... Read More
We Are Back! Home 

We Are Back!

Read the full article hereTo those of you who visit the Woodworker’s Journal website regularly, you may have noticed a bit of a hiccup in the last few days. The gremlins of the ether were hard at work messing with our website, and it went down for several days. The good news is that we are up and running and... Read More
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