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Spray Can Finishing Roundup Buying Guides 

Spray Can Finishing Roundup

Read the full article here Woodworkers who don’t have spray equipment but still want to spray finishes have long relied on aerosol cans. Even those who do own spray guns may find some of the newer aerosol options rather alluring. Aerosols can be a lifesaver when you want to avoid having to clean the gun, for hard-to-find materials, or tough... Read More
How to Add Unique Textures to Finishes

How to Add Unique Textures to Finishes

Read the full article here Although we typically strive to make both our wood and finish surfaces smooth, adding texture intentionally can be quite interesting. When we do add texture, it’s often to make wood or finish look old or worn, which is the case in four of the six examples discussed in this article. Distressed Finish By far the... Read More
Working with Oil Varnish Home 

Working with Oil Varnish

Read the full article here Originally, the word “varnish” meant a mixture of natural resin and drying oil. Today’s oil varnishes usually contain synthetic resin, but like their ancestors, they’re durable, beautiful and easy to apply. Unfortunately, the term varnish may be used for almost anything that contains resin, and that confuses the issue. Before we settle our focus on... Read More
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