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Eric is an Editor and Co-Founder of Tools in Action. He started his career working for a large construction company as a laborer. After graduating from DePaul University, he entered into the financial industry. He left the financial industry after eight years, no one really knows what he does. Eric’s number one favorite activity is spending time with his wife and two children.

Milwaukee Packout Review Home 

Milwaukee Packout Review

Quality Features Performance Versatility Organization Value Everyone is looking for better ways to store, protect and transport their tools from point A to point B.  Almost all power tool manufacturers have designed and developed products to help tackle this problem.  Some companies have developed tough solutions while others have designed solutions for the organization.  But let’s face, it’s hard to... Read More
Skilsaw Table Saw Review Power Tools 

Skilsaw Table Saw Review

Quality Features Performance Value Stand Over the years we have tested a wide variety of Table Saws.  We have tested corded table saws as well as cordless table saws.  We have tested your traditional table saws and new hybrid protecting saws.  The two table saws that come up time and time again as being our favorite table saws are the Dewalt... Read More
Milwaukee Vehicle Charger Home 

Milwaukee Vehicle Charger

Milwaukee has been growing their market share by leaps and bounds over the last 10 years.  Ask any contractor if they have a cordless Milwaukee tool and I am sure the answer will be yes.  While battery technology has advanced, we are still far away from having a battery that lasts forever.  So let me introduce you to the Milwaukee Vehicle... Read More
Kreg Accu Cut Review Hand Tools 

Kreg Accu Cut Review

Quality Ease of Use Performance Value When it comes to making your woodworking life easier, Kreg is one of the forefront companies with their jigs and more.  Kreg has been known to create quality and easy to use jig systems.  They find a woodworking process that is rather complicated and design a way to make it easier.  So it’s not a... Read More
Skilsaw Medusaw Review Home 

Skilsaw Medusaw Review

Quality Performance Design Value Skilsaw is a manufacturer that has been around and has a long history.  In fact, one of their flagship products, the circular saw worm drive is said to be the saw that built America. The worm drive saw, while heavy, is extremely powerful.  The saw is tried and true over the years and many contractors have relied... Read More
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