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How to Calibrate a Table Saw: A Pro’s Guide Buying Guides Power Tools 

How to Calibrate a Table Saw: A Pro’s Guide

Read the full article hereIn our article what to look for on a table saw, we told you that the table saw is the cornerstone tool of both the jobsite and shop. It makes the big cuts that are either difficult or impossible with other tools while offering table top support and guidance for the material. But if the table saw’s components aren’t aligned, your cuts won’t be ... Read More
How to Apply a Concrete Overlay Home 

How to Apply a Concrete Overlay

Read the full article hereConcrete floors are usually utilitarian, but every so often even they need a facelift. Scaling, spalling, checking, and mildew degrade the look and function of concrete. Sometimes the pour was poor, and the concrete isn’t level or smooth. If the floor is structurally sound but the surface isn’t acceptable, there are options besides breaking it ... Read More
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