Amazon Deforestation Accelerates with New Husqvarna Battery-Powered ChainsawsProducts 

Amazon Deforestation Accelerates with New Husqvarna Battery-Powered Chainsaws

SOMEWHERE IN THE AMAZON – Deforestation of the Amazon forest is reportedly accelerating thanks to the arrival of new, more environmentally-friendly Husqvarna battery-powered chainsaws.

“The Amazon forest represents an incredible opportunity for us to get legendary Husqvarna battery-powered chainsaws in the hands of Pros that use them 7 days a week 365 days a year,” said Per Ericson, Senior Vice President of Business Development for the Husqvarna Group. By replacing the handful of gas saws these men, women, children, and well-trained farm animals were using along with thousands of hand saws, we can increase the rate of deforestation in South America by 5000%, conservatively. Thanks to battery technology, we’re able to help them clear out those pesky trees in a way that’s much healthier for our environment.”

Speaking through a translator, a local professional forester crew leader added, “Our partnership with Husqvarna allows us to clear forest land more quickly to create pasture land for cows and goats. And since we’re able to work more quietly, we won’t startle natives as often, so they’ll be less likely to kill and eat us.”

Tool Reporter asked what the plan is when they finish completely clearing the Amazon by early next month. “Ironically, is considering building its new world headquarters and global distribution center here. Plus, it’s one hell of a test environment for our next generation of Automowers,” said Ericson.

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