Alabama Passes 10x Overtime Pay for College Football Saturdays

TUSCALOOSA – In an attempt to stem the flow of mass absences during critical weekend projects, Alabama has passed a comprehensive new law guaranteeing 10x overtime pay for anyone working on college football Saturdays.

“With the football season looming close, we had to do something to prepare for what has historically been a complete shutdown for Saturday construction work,” said Alabama labor committee chairman Rod Rodriquez. “College football Saturdays saw an average of 15% work attendance, shutting down roadwork and other important construction projects and causing delays that extended projects well into Major League Baseball season. We tried everything, but eventually, we settled on the 10x overtime pay solution to get people back to work.”

Alabama announced cuts to nearly every social program and pension plan in order to cover the additional costs of the overtime pay.

On an unrelated note, sales of ESPN streaming services tripled following the announcement.

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