About Tool Reporter

About Tool Reporter

Tool Reporter summarizes everything that’s going on in the world of tools, construction, metalworking, woodworking, and automotive technologies. Throughout the day we summarize the latest tool reviews, industry news, and happenings that affect Pros. We’ll tell you what tools ranked best this week in head-to-head testing as well as what’s on the horizon that might save you money or affect your business. We also bring you the weekly #PTRLIVE show from Pro Tool Reviews.

ToolReporter.com is a one-stop location for all sorts of tool news from tool blogs, online tool magazines, manufacturers, organizations, and trade industries. Our aggregation of the best tool news sources is the thing about Tool Reporter that makes it so unique. We cover tool news that deals with timely topic and product information that appeals to the professional tradesman. This includes contractors, home builders, landscapers, plumbers, electricians. concrete professionals, auto mechanics, metalworkers, woodworkers, and more.

The things about Tool Reporter is that we hone in on what’s really hot. Cordless, pneumatic, corded, and gas—we cover it all.

What About Tool Reporter Makes It Newsworthy?

We’ll filter the news from only the best tool news sites. Now, you can keep up-to-date and not have to dig around for what’s happening. Also, we detail the news, events, and information that we feel will be both helpful and interesting. This includes reviews, buyouts, recalls, and more. With a casual, easily readable writing style, Tool Reporter makes it simple to keep abreast of the news. We give you the facts without getting inundated with too much info.

Tool Reporter is also a member of the PTR Network which also includes Pro Tool Reviews, Outdoor Power Equipment Reviews, and Shop Tool Reviews. The news editorial team at Pro Tool Reviews heads up Tool Reporter.