Massive Lawsuit Rights Game-ChangerBrands 

16 Tool Companies Embroiled in Lawsuit for Rights to Use “Game-Changer”

SAN FRANCISCO – The 9th District Court of Appeals is preparing to hear arguments among 16 power tool manufacturers, each claiming the exclusive rights to use the term “game-changer” in their marketing materials.

“As a leader in cutting, sanding, and grinding accessories, our entire company culture is about being game-changing. Accessories that other brands create are just repainted wannabes of the game-changing products we’ve already made,” said Russel Kohl, President and CEO of Freud America. “We even own the website What could be more game-changing than that? We just want what’s fair, and that’s the exclusive right to use the Game-Changer title. I fully expect the courts to issue a game-changing ruling in our favor.”

While the outcome is far from certain, anonymous sources from multiple manufacturers tell Tool Reporter they’re preparing to offer spring marketing internships to remove the term from historical press releases depending on the outcome.

In related news, Milwaukee Tool has filed copyright protection for “world’s first”, “industry-leading”, “disruptive innovation”, and “tectonic shifting” ahead of the decision.

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