Facebook Live and Me Home 

Facebook Live and Me

Read the full article hereTomorrow afternoon at 5PM Central Standard Time, I will be doing a Facebook live presentation on the Rockler Woodworking and Hardware Facebook page. The topic of the live presentation is my top picks for holiday gifts for woodworkers. So you may not only want to check it out yourself, it might be a good idea to... Read More
Powermatic®  3520C Wood Lathe Home 

Powermatic® 3520C Wood Lathe

Read the full article here The new Powermatic® 3520C Lathe represents the fourth generation of the popular 3520 lathe family with a combination of premium features that expand the boundaries of woodturning capabilities and performance. It features adjustable riser blocks, movable control box, ergonomic spindle lock, digital speed and indexing readout, anti-rotation tailstock key and more. Pick any woodturning project,... Read More
Rockler Vacuum Clamp Pod Kit Hand Tools 

Rockler Vacuum Clamp Pod Kit

Read the full article here Sometimes during routing, sanding or CNC applications, you need to work on the workpiece’s entire surface or edges, and repositioning clamps to gain access can be a hassle. Rockler’s new vacuum clamp pods can help eliminate the inconvenience: they hold workpieces securely from underneath, allowing unobstructed access to the workpiece’s top face or edges. Rockler’s... Read More
Diamondback Reaches the NFL Home 

Diamondback Reaches the NFL

Read the full article here When Michael Williams and Connor Crook bought Diamondback Toolbelts this year, their goal was to take a decades-old venerable brand and make it even better. What they couldn’t have seen coming was the National Football League (NFL), who contacted them just a week after relaunching Diamondback to the market. “One of their VPs was looking... Read More
Klein Stand-Up Zipper Bags: Supplementing Your Tool Bag Home 

Klein Stand-Up Zipper Bags: Supplementing Your Tool Bag

Read the full article hereKlein Tools recently released their Tradesman Pro Wide-Open Tool Bag, which included the notable features of having a large, stay-open top and a whole lot of pockets. Space and organization might not be huge concerns with this bag. But, if you find you’d still like some additional storage, Klein has also released some new supplementary solutions. ... Read More
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